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About us



Set Free Ministries was founded in 1995 by Pastor Chris & Barbie van Rensburg.   They started off with just a handful of people, because Pastor Chris saw the faithlessness in the Church of Jesus Christ.  His heart for the lost and broken was revealed when he left his well paid job and security of medical aid, house subsidy and car allowance to go into full time ministry. With no support of any ministry, organisation or partners, Pastor Chris and Barbie started to work with drug addicts, youth and bikers. The ministry soon grew into a church and Set Free Ministries was born.


Our youth play a vital role in the future of the ministry.  That is why we take every measure to see them grow in the Lord. We believe in Non-Compromise and to create a place where they can have enough clean fun, support and love to NOT want to go and look for it in the world.  If you want to join, you can contact Dirk and Adele in George 0842963770 for the Mossel Bay area you can contact Ewoud 0722702927


We believe that the cell is a bridge between the world and the church, the cell groups must care and look after one another.  We have a youth cell in George and then two other cell groups as well.  We also have a cell group at the Church in Little Brak and one in Hartenbos


Set Free Riders is a Christian based motorcycle club with a passion for fuel & rubber. But more than that we have a passion for souls.

Set Free Riders was founded by Chris+Barbie in 2002 Chris always had a passion for bikes and has been riding since 1976. In 1980 he started hanging around with secular bike clubs. Chris got set Free from his drug and alcohol addictions in 1985.

Chris+Barbie both love motorcycles and Chris left the band he was playing for (Exodus) to pursue a ministry for bikers. We don’t just want to grow the club, we want to get people saved. Set Free Riders is a hardcore motorcycle club that strives to be a non-compromise bike club but still enjoy the biking.

Yes we do burnouts, wheelies, stoppies. Yes we do make a noise, but we also love Jesus all the way, because He loves us all the way. On the rallies we took part in these events and won the best represented club on the Freedom Road Rally 5 times. Chris won the burnout competitions for 6 years in a row.

We also put up a coffee tent at a rally and then make coffee during such an event we will hand out round a bout 4000 cups of coffee free.  This is a wonderful opportunity to tell them about the love of God

When we go to a rally, we stick together. We work together, we ride together, we eat together, we play together, we camp together. We believe strongly that unity makes strength. You can only become a Set Free Rider by being a part of Set Free Ministries. We do not intend to start Set Free Riders in other towns as yet, but if God would lay it on our hearts we will do so.



Worship takes you into Gods presence, it creates an atmosphere for God to dwell freely.  Scripture says God inhabits the praises of His people.  The worship team go from time to time to the flea markets and pay for a number of stands that we use as a platform to worship.  The worship draws people, then the ministry teams can go and minister



We are currently busy with a recuperation centre.  For more detail go to our building project page.

Pastor Heart

Jesus said in John 10:10 I have come so that you may have life and have it in abundance. Folks, life is too short to still focus on the negatives in life I heard a surfer say once “I don’t make the waves, I just ride them”

So I want to encourage each and every person I come in contact with to do just this. When the waves of life comes rolling on, use them to give you a joy ride to the shores of victory.
Don’t focus on the negative stuff, but rather look for the good it does, no matter how small, look for the good in every situation.

When we look for the good things and focus on them, God becomes the focus point because then we see what God does and not the devil. Folks the scripture says that it is the goodness of God that bring us to repentance

My Prayer is that you see the goodness of life and that Father will shine HIS light – Jesus Christ in you so you can live victoriously and make a big dent in the kingdom of darkness.

Let Jesus lead the way