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Building Project

  • Its almost ready to move in please scroll down for images


    We’ve Got Our Structure up!!

    Praise Jesus


  • Please also visit-  https://youtu.be/qe_dfiW13QQ and https://youtu.be/l4VZwxFIKQI To see videos of the concrete being poured into our foundations.. Thank You Jesus

For more details on this project or to see how you can contribute ….

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We Are Breaking Ground


Pastor Chris received a vision from God to build a centre where people that are broken and bound by the devil can come and be SET FREE. The first Goal is to get those coming in spiritually healed and then we can start with the flesh. You see Mathew 6:33 Says “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added.

Then we will look at the physical and have a place where they can be trained and equipped to work and earn a living. This was confirmed by many prophecies.

We waited for more than 10 years in order for the vision to become a reality. Four years ago we found a suitable site and applied for rezoning. Yes the rezoning took us four years and a lot of prayer and money, but praise God we are rezoned and can continue.

The owner of the ground is also a Christian and said that he will wait for the money, we don’t have to pay immediately.

This placed us in the position to build the workshops and start operating.

Father said he wants me to trust Him for R12million.  this will enable us to purchase the ground and put up all the buildings.





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